Fox News a anunţat că Obama a ordonat ca militarii care practică deschis creştinismul să fie judecaţi de curtea marţială. Pentagonul a confirmat că vor începe să-i ancheteze pe militarii care îşi manifestă deschis credinţa lor creştină. Cei găsiţi vinovaţi pot să fie închişi sau dezonoraţi şi daţi afară din armată.Măsura respectivă lasă fără activitate preoţii militari, care sunt chiar în pericol de a păţi acelaşi lucru şi care nu îi vor mai putea ajuta pe militarii în misiune.

Isn’t it amazing that Obama will persecute Christians, yet he has refused to persecute the Fort Hood terrorist that killed 13 people and injured over 30 people under the same religious laws?

This is a man who in the name of religious jihad, went on a shooting rampage that the Pentagon has classified an “Act of Workplace Violence.”

This is who Obama sides with

This is who Obama sides with

Three years later he has yet to stand trial, and has even received a religious waiver so he could keep his Islamic beard in the name of religious freedom, all despite the fact that it’s a direct violation of the uniform military code.

This is also insane given that Obama continues to argue that Islam is our friend and that we should all tolerate it.

Obama will go down as one of the most pro-Islamic presidents in American history.

How does it make you feel to see that military personnel and soldiers will face a court martial for openly practicing Christianity while Islam is allowed to blossom anywhere?

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