Civil society, the „Trojan horse” of the globalist anti-christian mafia in a normal world. The global „absolutist democracy”.

The biggest fraud, lie, cul de sac, in which we have been cornered by the globalist financial-banking mafia, is the concept of civil society, combined with the concept of „power to the people”. More specifically, the so-called transfer of power to the citizen. Of course, as we will see, not to every citizen, although the fine principles are so clear, but to those on the “right” side of the barricade. That is to those who serve the above-mentioned antichristian mafia. Today they are also referred to as the „system”. Or the deep state, the parallel state, the real power, not the one displayed, which is nothing more than a projection on the screen of a 100% counterfeit reality.

What is or who is civil society (CS)

When talking about the CS, many believe that this is only about ngos. The CS includes association formulas with legal personality or without, other than government structures, plus the active citizen (another concept derived from that of civil society). In principle, everything that moves and has a civic involvement, that is to say, all the citizens involved in an organized or spontaneous form, in a cause that also affects others.
Also here political parties and media are comprised. In the latter case, the presence is somewhat paradoxical as long as the economic associations are not part of the CS. And the largest part of media, besides a part of the one developed in recent years on the net, is, for the employers in the sector, an economic activity. It is true, with something more: The quality of a lobbying tool, propaganda, manipulation, conditioning, bleaching of the citizen’s brain.
They are not part of the CS, state structures – in which we find members of various forms of the CS, from the active citizen to party members. Finally, the concept is a full and deliberate nonsense made with a precise purpose that we will speak of below.
Civil society is beginning to speak about from the French Revolution, with the concept of civil society being invented, developed and delivered in the package with all the other ingredients of the „citizens’ society”, intended to be the theoretical and then practical tools of replacing the medieval hierarchical society with today’s horizontal society. If we forget that among its ideologist were, along with Hegel, Marx and Gramsci, two odious characters of the construction of the old and the current global totalitarian state (so-called communist, another smoky screen), we are soon clear that civil society is nothing more than an instrument of this transformation.

So, long live civil society. The good one!

The one who has achieved man’s millennium dream: it made him a citizen and gave the state in his hand. „Power to the people!” True, but with a small clause written as a footnote of the act of donation: not to any citizens, and not any CS. Because there are two types of citizens: „good” active citizens (GAC) and „bad” active citizens (BAC). There are still neutral among them, but they will end sooner or later in one camp or another. We also have a good civil society (GCS) and a bad civil society (BCS). And also a neutral civil society with the same fate. The qualifications, punishments and rewards the globalist mafia offers them directly and through its influence agents in politics and in the CS. That is why, at the official level, conversely as we would expect, it is the „good people” who work on destroying the world and reshaping it into a world of zombies, and the „bad people” are those who oppose this global transformation process.
At this moment, even if some of our fellow humans wake up from sleep, the massive flow is in the official direction, because the anti-christian mafia people have massively occupied the sectors of education, culture, economy, politics, media and civil society throughout the West and a similar phenomenon is taking place in the former communist states, in Latin-american or Asian states. And where it didn’t feel like taking place, all sorts of revolutions have been arranged to put our chef into our head.

Agents of influence of the globalist anti-christian mafia

So not everyone has the state at his hand, but only the GACs and the GCS. Who are nothing else but influence agents without legal personality – the „good” citizens – and with legal personality – so-called „good” NGOs. Here is the big scam: The global promoters of contemporary slavery have doubled the levers by which they control everything at the level of central – governments – and local authorities. That is, they have a team on the ground where the match of our lives is played, and they are the federation and the referee too, and we are the audience. Recon: the GACs and the GCS, through which they have been promoting up-to-date policies in all fields for years, the politicians from the parties that serve them, who approve these policies and thus make the policy of the globalist financial-banking mafia.
But wait. That’s not all. In turn, the GCS, which claims to include the media (which was overwhelmingly in the service of the same mafia), is no longer aware of this when a campaign should be launched for a mafia cause. So the media team appears on the ground as an arbitrator who takes the ball from the GCS and gives it to the political sector.
In this way, in the last 70 years almost everything that has been decided in politics is the result of pressure, lobby, public blackmail, disinformation, manipulation, propaganda, lies raised to the rank of truth, programs and projects of the GCS and media, made by fake experts wearing civic clothes but paid by the mafia. The final act is played by the parties in government and opposition (in fact, again overwhelmingly, two teams serving the same mafia).
Tens of billions of dollars are pumped into this GCS, returning in the form of tens of thousands of billions. Money is coming from other „good” NGOs, which are funded by other „good” NGOs, fed by the foundations of the globalist Mafiosi and the state budgets – that is, the mafia directs contributors money to their influence agents.
In the meantime, the BACs and the BCS are being neglected, discouraged, not receiving funding, having only a negative or very negative media coverage, doors that crush their faces, threats, deaths and fail to be seen and hear but only peripheral in the public space. Hence their reduced impact, so the world changes following the policies wanted and imposed by the mafia through its world network of NGOs and serving important persons.

Diffuse power = concentrated power

The advantages of this multi-dimensional network are blatant:

  • Globalist financial-banking mafia has several teams to enforce its policies and finally, the politics.
  • Gradually, the political sector has and has been compromised, so today the credibility has the CS.
  • The pressure is increasing for governments and local administrations made up of the ACs and the CS (the GACs and the GCS, obviously) members to emerge. And more and more governments co-opt them.
  • Following so-called consultations with the GCS, state presidents, prime ministers, parliaments and governments make fundamental decisions. These consultations  do not even involve organizations in the field, but those that are allowed, that are paid and „entitled” to give their opinion on matters which they do not control.
  • By moving the focus to the citizen and the civil society (obviously the GAC and the GCS), the real power concentrated in the hands of the oligarchic mafia manages to hide itself as if it didn’t exist; and for the potential damages, there are always the politicians paid both to do dirty jobs and to be the useful guilty, obscuring their masters.
  • Although apolitical by status, good ONGs are increasingly aggressive in politics, they organize demonstrations, coups, revolutions, becoming an active part of politics. Their funding and filiation in this respect are often quite transparent, but propaganda and manipulation are always able to induce the idea that we the citizens revolted, torn down, replaced.
  • At the visible, tangible level, power is becoming increasingly diffuse, increasingly difficult to hold accountable – Who, the citizens? „Isn’t that democracy?” „Is it not ideal for the citizen to lead?”  Disgusted, confused, suffocated  by consumerism and hedonism, and with an increasing complex of guilty, masses become disinterested in what is happening to them, ready to give up, to abdicate, to quit the inherited values and principles which ensure their individual and collective identity.

In reality, the power has reached a degree of concentration stronger than in the absolutist monarchies in which a king and his close team (for example, today, a Rothschild and his bunch of scamps) hold all power. But only a few people are aware of the fact that their life is in-depth controlled  from that center, that all political decisions are being made there, and that there all the games, revolutions and wars are being made; that behind this center seeking for the destruction of man is the one who seeks the revenge on God; and that because there are hundreds and thousands of the CS and media curtains between people and those who make the decisions.

Today, the globalist financial-banking mafia, the imperial leading ring of the social class once called bourgeois, which in the past contested the medieval absolutist state, is about to succeed in the construction of the „absolutist democracy” at world level: the Empire of Capital, a  more oppressive, more harmful, more infective and more deadly than any other dictatorship in history.

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